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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Portion Plate Giveaway!

To help support, encourage, and "incentivize" you...we're having another giveaway!!

Only this time...there's a twist!

This giveaway will be "open to the public"!!

We have had such generous vendors offer such great products, that we wanted to be sure to give them some more exposure...so, welcome to the first "Hot Giveaways to stay Healthy Thru the Holidays"!!!

The wonderful people at "The Portion Plate" have generously offered us a couple of Portion Plate kits!!

Today, whoever links up with their progress over here, or anyone who leaves a comment on this post, will be entered to win a plate, placement, and portion information pamphlet!

These plates are adorable!

And, I haven't even eaten off them, yet! ;) No, seriously...they are so cute...another item I so wanted to just keep for myself!

They offer a great visual and great information for helping to control your portion sizes!

It was incredibly eye opening for me to see how warped my "view" of portions was...this will definitely help you control those portion sizes!!

Okay, so...head on over here to link up and be entered, or leave me a comment for an entry after this post (you know, if you aren't participating in the Hot and Healthy campaign!!)!


Claudette said...

Hi MamaM,
I'm Keely's mom. Three years ago I lost 22 pounds on NutriSystem. Lately I've put back on two pounds and know it's because I've been eating bigger portions, so I could REALLY use this plate! Thanks for offering it and for hooking up with Keel to give us incentives to be Hot and Healthy. God bless. Claudette

CFMama said...

Cool plates! I for one go way over the top with my portions. I am not really sure what this Hot and Healthy thing is all about but I walked for a half an hour today?!

CFMama said...

...not to mention I've gained about 8 pounds since I gave birth to my son 15 months ago and I even breastfed him for 6 months!!! Am I the only one that didn't lose while breastfeeding? LOL

Kendra said...

Not exactly sure what Hot and Healthy is all about but I sure would love some information. I really want to lose about 20 lbs and I know I go way over with my portions. This plate would be great. How can I get some info on Hot and Healthy?

Becca said...

This plate could do wonders when I am putting my food on my plate. I am currently watching my calories and would find this portion plate even more helpful!