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Thursday, January 7, 2010

An "Enlightening" Review...with a Giveaway!!

Maxxima Style, the awesome company that sponsored this giveaway...asked me to do a review for them!

As a mother of five, with readers who are in the same (or nearing?) mothering boat that I'm in, I'm always interested in learning about new products!

This one happens to be very "enlightening"!!

Maxxima Style, sent me two nightlights to review...and 6...yes, six!!, to giveaway! Both of these nightlights use LED lights, so they remain cool to touch (not to mention...good for the environment!)...they are also "light activated", so they're off during daylight hours, or when lights are on...and then turn on when it's dark!

So, let's get down to business!

The first is this:

I'll call it the "let there be light", nightlight!! As in, holy moly mackerel!! That's a lot of light!

That particular nightlight gives off a TON of light. Like, lot's...I came home from work, and the baby's window was glowing!

Bad? Nope...in fact, I think it would be the ideal light for a family with a newborn...just enough to change a poopy diaper, not enough to wake the neighborhood! Or, perhaps in a dark hallway that leads to the bathroom?

It just wasn't ideal for a bedroom situation!

This next light, is my favorite! When I first saw it, I thought, "nope...not gonna like it" (see how I make rash judgements like that?!!), but, when I plugged it in...I found that it gives of the most wonderful glow!

It's a warm "amber" and just the right amount of light for a kiddos bedroom! It's awesome...just enough light to scare the boogeymen away, but not enough to keep the kids awake!

I love it!

Wanna win one?

Leave me a comment, and lemme know whatcha think!

Want a second entry? Visit Maxxima Style, and tell me which nightlight is your fave!

For a third entry...tweet or retweet about this giveaway!

I'll close this giveaway Sunday night, and announce the winners (remember...there's SIX to giveaway!!) sometime on Monday!


Mandie said...

The amber nightlight sounds perfect for my toddler's room!

Tracy said...

Those sound nice, maybe having something like that would get Emmy sleeping in her own bed........ ugh one of the things I need to fix....... before Kindy in the fall....