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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Portion Plate Giveaway--#2!!

To help support, encourage, and "incentivize" you...we're having another giveaway!!

The wonderful people at "The Portion Plate" have generously offered us a couple of Portion Plate kits!! The plate that helps you visualize your portions!!

The giveaway today, will include the above plate, as well as a children's portion plate!

Today, whoever links up with their progress over here, or anyone who leaves a comment on this post, will be entered to win a plate, placement, and portion information pamphlet!

These plates are adorable!

And, I haven't even eaten off them, yet! ;) No, seriously...they are so cute...another item I so wanted to just keep for myself!

They offer a great visual and great information for helping to control your portion sizes!

It was incredibly eye opening for me to see how warped my "view" of portions was...this will definitely help you control those portion sizes!!

Okay, so...head on over here to link up and be entered, or leave me a comment for an entry after this post (you know, if you aren't participating in the Hot and Healthy campaign!!)!


Kendra said...

Great giveaway. I'm sure that what I think is an appropriate portion is really not. Aren't you allowed to have a whole plate full of carbs?!?! LOL

Becca said...

Awesome giveaway! I'm certainly entering myself in. I have been so tempted to eat those empty calories especially during the holiday---ugh!

Kassi said...

i want a plate! please please please