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Monday, February 22, 2010

KettleWorx Winner!!!

After almost forgetting...I headed over to my trusty old friend, random.org...plugged in the numbers and got...

(I hafta say...I feel so high tech now that I've finally figured out how to take a screen shot!!!)


That is lucky...


Contact me, Dondi, so we can determine your best KettleWorx fit!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

KettleWorx--A Giveaway!!!

Whoa...do I have a giveaway for YOU!!

The awesome peeps at KettleWorx sent me something to review...and review I did! KettleWorx is a 6 week fitness program designed to work your entire body in 20 minute workouts 3 times a week.

In 20 minute workouts...TWENTY minutes! I mean, gosh...who can't handle that?!!

In return for my review...they are sponsoring a giveaway of the KettleWorx Ultra 5...the same exact "kit" that I have been using since I received it. (For ease and "fairness" to the review...I only did the recommended 6 weeks...I did not try any of the "extra" DVD's, although, I'm gonna start now!)

Yes, you read that right...since. I. received. it.

Never before, have I been so sold on a fitness "program". I used to be a fitness video junkie, but what always tripped me up, was (well...the tripping up for one..why, oh, why do all those other "videos" require so much coordination?!) the boredom!

Ugh...I couldn't take watching the same video over and over and over again. *yawn* *sigh* *hello boredom*

What's awesome about KettleWorx is that there are three main DVD's; "Core", "Cardio", and "Resistance"...and each DVD has 6 separate workouts. For someone like me, that is a HUGE bonus, as I never feel like I am getting bored.


Never, ever!!

And, also...no coordination required! No "grapevines" or funky dance-ish moves to get all tangled up in!

Big ol' *sigh of relief* from this uncoordinated chick!

Within a week or two of starting the recommended 6 week routine, I was feeling a difference. My husband started noticing a difference at about that time. (For real?! Yes...for stinkin' real!)

It wasn't long, and I was able to talk him into "trying" it out...lemme just say he has since purchased a heavier weight and is just as sold on it as I am! He has recommended it to his sister, and I to my mom, my bestie and countless co-workers!

My hubby has been dealing with hip pain for awhile (he was certain it was diabetes *huh?* or MS or that he needed a hip replacement), but, since starting KettleWorx, the pain has improved so drastically, that he rarely even notices it anymore!

I am loving it, 'cuz I feel stronger, I stand straighter, my jeans are looser and I don't dread working out!

Sure, some days are more difficult to get motivated than others, but gosh...or 20 minutes, three times a week...who can't do that?! And that is exactly why I am so sold on it!

It's do-able! Even for a busy mama, like myself...it's totally, and completely do-able. It's realistic and results are achievable!

Let's look at some pros and cons, shall we?

~Time commitment is small.
~Many workouts to keep your interest.
~It's "mentally" do-able because you know that in 20 (or so) minutes you are good and done with your work out for the day!
~No dance skill/coordination required.
~Your core is strengthed quickly, resulting in less back pain/injury.
~The program is designed to uniformly challenge hundreds of muscles simultaneously...in "3D" is what they call it. (Similar to an athlete, using many muscles at once.)
~Your entire body gets a workout...not just specific areas (although, there are extra videos for those trouble spots!).
~Easily adaptable to your personal fitness level.
~Quick, effective warm ups and cool downs.
~Ryan, the trainer, has a great Canadian accent! ;)

~My hubby thinks the upper body is not challenged enough (I thought it was fine).
~I would've like to have seen better results with my pesky saddle bags (my love handles have gotten smaller, tho!)
~There are a few (rare) editing "inconsistencies" that result in an uneven number of reps per side.
~An occasional workout will reach 25 or so minutes...picky much? Yes...but it's a mental thing (*Hey! You told me 20 minutes!!!*...you know?!),

So...I'm telling you...if you've been looking for a workout routine that is "do-able" with results that are "attainable"...KettleWorx is for YOU!

To enter the giveaway for the KettleWorx Ultra 5, just leave me a comment here, on this post!

I'll close comments on this giveaway on Sunday, the 21st...and announce the winner on the morning of the 22nd!

Good luck!