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Monday, April 19, 2010

Epic Fail Bars...in a Le Creuset Pan!

Waaayyyyyy a long time ago...like, eons ago...I was given a piece of Le Creuset to review.

It's gorgeous.

Almost "too good to use".

It's a bar pan.

And, I'm not a baker...hence the major delay in getting this review out.

But, anyway...I may not be a baker, but I'm a stick to my worder. That's for sure!!

So, lemme tell ya 'bout these Epic Fail Bars, of mine. They were disastrous. Well, okay, they were edible...but no one edibled them.

I dunno what it was. But, let me show you what I did (and how beautiful my Le Creuset Pan was!!)...

Sigh...gorgeousness. I wish all of my cookware could be Le Creuset. But, it's not. This, this fabulous, Epic Fail Bar pan, is all I've got.

All I'll probably ever have.

I have no idea why I'm even showing you the ingredients to these.

It's the hidden food blogger in me, I guess. My feeble attempt to cling to whatever smidge of pride I have when it comes to cooking.

(Trust me, tho...when I say these were "epic fail"...)

I began this epic misadventure, by first, believing that I could be creative in enough in my culinary skills to come up with something all on my own. (Mistake #1)

After I had sufficiently deluded myself into thinking I was even somewhat capable of baking, I enlisted some child labor, and had my oldest daughter help me with the sugar cookie crust.

Once again, disproving the fact that I am even somewhat of a food blogger, I forgot to tell you that you needed Heath bits as part of this "Disaster Heard Round the World" (or at least heard round my house)...

But anyway...I then pressed Heath bits and chopped pecans into the crust. Sounds yummy enough, right?

This...this next step is where, perhaps, I began to go wrong.

I used some leftover Christmas caramel (I'd be lying if I told you the caramel itself wasn't epic fail. I cooked it for ever. Like, seriously, for freakin' ever! Two hours on the stove top...and STILL not set up enough to cut and wrap. Stoopid caramel.) that I had in the fridge.

Nevermind that it was probably a month old. I used it anyway.

Then I baked it.

And, I don't remember at what temperature, or for how long...but I baked it. And it looked decent coming out of the oven.

And, this may be the second instance in which I make it blatantly obvious that I do not deserve to be gifted such fabulous things like a Le Creuset bar pan...I used leftover Chocolate Ganache, straight from the Pioneer Woman.

Ahhh, that's the recipe that was straight from P-Dub...not the left over ganache...although, I've got nothing against her leftover ganache...not at all! In fact...she tweeted me once upon a time about what, exactly, I could use left over chocolate ganache for.

These bars were not a part of that tweet.

Anyway, when the bars were coolish...I poured the reheated, ganache over them.

I was disillusioned to think that ganache makes anything taste good. Take it from me...

It does not.

When it was all said and done, the bars looked delicious...especially because they were residing in a beautiful blue bar pan from Le Creuset.

But, alas...looks can be deceiving.

They were awful...but, I hafta say...they were evenly cooked...the pan held up beautifully, without any scratches or marks, and cleaned up easily after the bars were dumped into the garbage.

The only lasting ill effects on the pan, are my association of it with the Epic Fail Bars.

Which, I guess, is more damage to my psyche than it is to the pan.

*I was provided this bar pan by Le Creuset in exchange for a review. I was not compensated monetarily for this review.

1 comment:

Liz said...

Your BlogFrog answer made me curious, so I thought I'd come read about your epic fail. :) This sounds like something I would attempt. As you described what you did, it all made sense to me. But I am not a baker at heart. I MUST HAVE a recipe, or I'm doomed.