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Sunday, October 3, 2010

EcoStore: A Review!

A little while ago (okay, okay...I'm lying. It was quite awhile ago! Sorry ecoStore USA! I started out planning on using the product for a bit, to really get a feel for it, and then summer blew up on us, and here we are...nearly into winter. Please forgive me!) ecoStore asked me if I would be willing to review a couple of products.

Well...anything that proclaims "No Nasty Chemicals!!" is right up my alley, as I am trying to be more cognizant of what I put in and ON my children's bodies, so I jumped on it and said, "Yes, yes, YES!!"

The two products I chose were the Baby Moisturizer:

And the Baby Bar Soap:

Let me just say, that I hoarded these. That I put them high up, out of the reach of the kids hands, 'cuz I didn't want them to "waste" it! I LOVED these products...and, so, okay...I did let the kids use them, I mean, I did it for them, afterall!

But...in the sake of a review I, of course, had to try them. I mean, I couldn't just rely on my two year old for an unbiased review, right?

Let me just proclaim, for all the world to hear, that the bar soap is something straight from heaven. We have hard water...and by "hard" I mean that it's so hard, it hurts when you take a shower.

Getting soap to lather is an extraordinary feat of it's own...but this soap? This fabulous, heaven-sent bar soap? It lathered with the most silky suds you'd ever imagine. It was love at first lather. (And, for real...I put it up high. Since my kids tend to squeeze the soap when it gets all warm and melty, I didn't want this happening to my heavenly soap. But, I did let them use it under strict observation.)

The bar soap also had a fabulous smell. I say "smell" and not "scent" because, remember? There are "No Nasty Chemicals!!", so the "smell" is more of a natural, soft, clean, pleasing, chemical-free scent. Lovely.

The Moisturizer was almost equally wonderful. Unfortunately for it, I used the bar soap first, and it would've been hard for it to trump the soap. But, love it I did!

It was better than any moisturizer I've used before...it felt more...more...well, more moisturizing than most moisturizers! (I was a die hard big name chain-store brand prior to using this...of all the bottles and scents of the that chain-store lotion that I have laying around, I usually choose the EcoStore bottle over anything!)

Not an overly thick moisturizer, it went on smoothly, and absorbed quickly. I never felt sticky or oily after applying it. And again...the "smell" was wonderfully soft and natural.

I'm in love. ecoStore has won me over...and I am in love with their product! Thank you ecoStore!

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*ecoStore USA provided me with 2 products of my choice to review. I was not compensated for this review, other than with the product provided, and my review is completely my honest opinion.

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