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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LG Interview...Answers!

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I have to admit, when we agreed to get The Pal his phone, we had grand plans to sit down and hash out rules and regulations. Do's and Don'ts. Must's and must nots. Turns out, that we got him a phone at what transpired to be a crazy, busy, stressful time in our lives.

What should have been a priority, got swept under the rug by fallen trees and other miscellaneous stressors. So, I was pleased to be handed an opportunity (with a deadline!!) to chat about texting with The Pal!

To say I was enlightened is an understatement. I realize he could be pulling the wool over my eyes, but I was very impressed with the sincerity and honesty that he answered these questions with. (I did have to bribe him with a treat at Perkins for it, tho...)

Without further ado, here is the interview the Pal and I had:

Via Kate:

I work with 75 teenaged girls on a weekly basis. It seems they keep the school drama and rumor mill going all night long via texting. Are boys doing this too or do the just let it go?! School bullying shouldn't follow a kid home.

Via Mrs. Werginz:

I work in a MS and girls seem to be texting pictures of themselves to boys...like in bras or even a bare breast. Ask your son if he knows he can be in major trouble if one is ever sent to him and found out about it at school?! They will take the phone and ISS/OSS may occur depend on how graphic the picture is! I just want teens to respect themselves and feel they have to do that in order to feel "cool" or "liked" by the opposite sex.

Via Lysana:

Ask him whether he's ever sent a text or a picture that he ended up really regretting because it got passed along to unintended recipients - or if not, if he knows someone to whom that has happened.

Ask, has there ever been an instance where he wanted to play a joke on someone by sending what could be a hurtful text. Also, has he ever gotten any texts that have made him feel uncomfortable and wanted to bring it to your attention. Another, is there any case where he would go to your husband (dad) before coming to you with a text he has received.

Here's what The Pal had to say:

To Kate's question:

No. Guys aren't like girls, if we get mad we *makes motion to punch*. Guys don't talk about each other.

(My input: If ever I've discovered a difference between boys and girls, it is in their conflict handling ability. He is opening my eyes to how boys can just "let it go"...where as girls carry it on. And on.)

To Mrs. Werginz question:

I know you can get in trouble. Yeah, I know you can get in real trouble. They talked to us about it in school.

(My input: I've had several discussion with him regarding different stories I've heard about teens getting in trouble legally and the implications that can have on him for the rest of his life. I think he gets it...but do teenagers really ever "get" anything completely?)

To Lysana's question:

No. *rolls eyes* Gosh mom.

(My input: I then proceeded to tell him about the young girl who sent a "sext" of herself to what she intended to be her boyfriend, but what was, instead, her entire contact list. Which included her parents, grandparents and pastor, and resulted in some investigations. That got his attention.)

To This Daddy's questions:

No, I've never played a joke...or gotten an uncomfortable text. (I told him I had...and he will, at some point, receive something that is not appropriate or comfortable...he said he would delete it.)

In response to the last part of This Daddy's question:

He didn't say much. Just smiled and shook his head...at which point I said, "I know you...you wouldn't come to any of us, you'd just take care of it yourself, wouldn't you?"

He laughed and answered affirmatively!

I then asked him if he thought parents should have the right to, unannounced, take their child's cell phone and go through the texts. I'll admit, he hesitated just a bit, then said, "Yeah. They should."

I don't doubt that he may not be telling me the entire truth...but I do trust that he has a good head on his shoulders and knows what to do if he should find himself in a difficult texting situation.

Now that I've written this, I realized we didn't even approach the driving and texting topic...I'll have to bring that up!

As a reminder, because this topic is so important for our kids and their futures,BlogHerreally wants to get the conversation about texting, sexting and safety going...both with our kids and among parents. It will match LG’s donation of .50 to dosomething.org for every comment on this post, so please give me your suggestions on questions for my son!Dosomething.org will get a $1.00 for each and every one of your comments!


April said...

Glad to see you blogging about teens. I do it too - not because I have answers all the time, but because I need lots of advice.:-)

Texting is a huge issue with teens. It is one of the major factors in lack of focus and need for immediate gratification if you ask me.


Elizabeth R., EA said...

I'd be curious to know if boys text as much as girls in general. If I had to guess, I would assume that girls text a lot more.

RaD said...

There is so much we have to think about in the next few years.

Hmmm... my suggestions? Well take the conversations easy, but DO NOT stop. I remember being "hasseled" by adults about the dangers of drinking and driving as a teen and being annoyed, but I did listen. Especially after a former classmate was killed by his cousin in a drinking and driving accident.

Christine:) said...

I have a question for the Pal AND for you, Mama M- at what age is appropriate for kids to get a cell phone in the first place?

I didn't get one until I was 21, and it was for emergencies...obviously, the world has changed a lot since then, and it seems like every 8-year-old has a cell now.

So, Mama M- when do you think it's appropriate for a kid to get a first cell phone, and to the Pal- are you considered "uncool" if you don't have your own phone by any particular grade or age? What if your texts are limited or you're not allowed- is that considered "uncool"?

(you can also ask this same question about Facebook...but that's a whole different can of worms, isn't it?;)